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Casino Games have been fascinating the humankind for centuries regardless of gender, education or social status. The motives for gambling can be different: a vision of easy profit, passion or just entertainment, which (usually) costs something. However there is no doubt that Gambling Games are truly remarkable.

On this website you will find detailed rules of various casino, or generally, gambling games, advantageous and disadvantageous wagers, recommendations, systems & strategies to improve your winning chances. The recommendations and evaluations of wagers are based on true mathematical odds and probability theory and aim to help players win or eliminate unnecessary losses.

Indeed the gamblers helped bring into being the mathematical and statistical discipline – the theory of probability. They were naturally interested in their winning chances when gambling. One of the most famous probability stories is connected with a passionate gambler Chevalier de Mere and is dated back to the year 1654.

Great emphasis has been put mainly on Roulette – the Queen of casino games, Craps – the most famous dice game and Poker – the great game of skill, and its two classic forms Poker Draw and 5-Card Stud. However there are also more popular Poker games such as 7-Card Stud or absolutely phenomenal Texas Hold'em. The popularity of Poker is proven by the rising number of Poker tournaments that are held worldwide. The slots and lotteries such as Keno deserve to be on this website too.

House Advantage

The overwhelming majority of casino games (or gambling games generally) gives the house a specific advantage (edge). However Black Jack could be named as a bright exception since a player can turn the advantage in his or her favor by the way of play referred to as Perfect Black Jack.

The probability theory is crucial to arrive at the true mathematically calculated odds, as the house advantage results from the difference between the true odds and those paid out by the house.

Let us take a brief look at the Roulette as an example. There are 37 numbers in French version (38 numbers in American Roulette) – 18 red, 18 black and a green zero. If you bet on a single number (Straight) then the probability to win is 1/37, while the odds against you are 36:1.

In other words there are 36 out of 37 possibilities to lose. The payout of the straight bet is 35:1 only. That gives the house edge 2.7%, which can be also marked as a long-term profit or a share. Please note that the edge is lower in case of even-money bets – 1.35% only.

Can You Beat a Casino?

You may say that the 2.7%-edge is not too bad and perhaps you are right. Sure, casinos must make profit for their subsistence and you have to decide on your own, whether the edge is acceptable for you or not. However there is a plenty of gambling or casino games that brings a plenty of bets, which are more or less (dis)advantageous. This just underlines the importance of the knowledge of the true mathematical odds.

The best bets for players are those that give house the lowest edge (or profit / share / advantage). The house edge (or its long-term profit) can be calculated universally on the basis of the expected value (clear exhibits are included).

The house edge takes effect particularly in the long run, when, slowly but surely, the law of probability starts working against the players. On the other hand the situation is far more exciting and interesting in the short-term point of view, where the theory of chaos can play its part. There is no limit for anyone to have a lucky day. Then e.g. betting on their favorite number in Roulette brings a tempting payout 35:1!

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