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The overview of all poker-related resources that can be found on this website, featuring various poker games, essential knowledge, skill and strategies to improve your play and interesting articles from the world of poker.

If you want to learn how to play poker, read first the Poker general rules. You will learn about e.g. poker hands (or poker card combinations), their force and rules of beating. Basic principle and strategies of successful play are also addressed there.

Poker like everything in life evolves and a variety of games originated. Today, Texas Hold'em poker is obviously the most popular choice. The overview of the most common games you can find in the following chapter. All links of this page are in alphabetical order.


Each poker game has its specifics. In some games a player uses his own cards only (Poker Draw), while in other poker variations there are so called community cards that are placed on the board and can be used by every player to combine their poker hand. The latter are usually more varied and exciting.


This chapter is being enlarged. We have paid a lot of attention to the variance in poker. It may be a more advanced subject, but—by following our explanations, examples and detailed comments—you will learn about its practical meaning and you will be able to calculate it yourself.

Being a good player means also handling one's poker funds safely. Learning the rules of bankroll management, used by poker pros, can only be recommended in order to improve your play.

Remarkable Articles

The remarkable articles from the world of poker that are worth reading.

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