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News Archive 2011

The archive of the news of the year 2011, when they first appeared on this website.

Odds Calculation in Sports Betting

One more contribution to sportbooks, which are extremely popular worldwide. The article gives the answer to the following questions: What do the odds represent and what is their relation to probability? How are the odds calculated? The difference between "ideal" odds and offered odds. Read
[27 Dec 2011]

Sports Betting

We have added a new article on sportsbook! Though it is not a typical gambling game or a game of chance, sports betting has its charm and deserves to be on this website. The followers of sportsbook make their own luck. They may use and even financially capitalize on their knowledge, information preparation and intuition. See the tips that can help you improve your winning chances in sportsbook. Read
[24 Nov 2011]

Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

New Poker article available! Omaha Hi-Lo (or Omaha/8) is a Poker game full of combinations that suits the needs of demanding players. It is even more complex than Omaha Hold'em (simple Omaha). In principle the rules are common, however, as the name of the game suggests, a player can strive for the best high and/or low hand. Read
[22 Nov 2011]

German Pius Heinz wins the 2011 WSOP Main Event

The 22-year-old German Poker professional Pius Heinz, managed to beat Czech Martin Staszko (35) in the final of the WSOP Main Event. See the video and the final hand analysis! Read
[9 Nov 2011].

Omaha Hold'em Poker

New Poker game added! Omaha Hold'em (or Omaha High) is a community card Poker game related to the famous Texas Hold'em. What are the similarities and differences? Illustrations of making the best hand and things to beware of. Read
[1 Nov 2011].

Slot Machines

New article on the slot machines with the following topics. How do the slot machines pay out? What is the return of players? How much do the slots earn? Examples included. Read
[28 Oct 2011].

Expected Value in Gambling

The Expected Value is a powerful tool to determine house advantage (a player's disadvantage) of any wager in any casino game, but it is also essential for mathematically perfect play of Poker. Read
[17 Oct 2011].

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