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Ben Affleck Banned from Black Jack at Hard Rock Casino for Counting Cards

3 May 2014. Ben Affleck, who is a very good Black Jack player, might have played his last hand, at least at the Hard Rock casino, Las Vegas. Security caught him counting cards. It is a legal technique—but highly unpopular in casinos’ eyes—where a player may get the advantage to his side.

Ben Affleck came to the “Sin City” with his wife Jennifer Garner on the beginning of the week. It was supposed to be a romantic stop before his departure to Detroit, where he is going to stay for several months shooting the new Batman movie.

On Thursday he dropped to the local Hard Rock casino to play his favorite Black Jack. He was sitting at the high-stakes table when the security appeared at his table. Ben Affleck was marked as an advantaged player.

It is a strategy involving the knowledge of math and of probability to get an edge over the house. The games that enable this are very rare. Black Jack, when playing perfectly by a player, is one of the exceptions. In a vast majority of cases the long-term mathematical edge stays with the house.

Counting of cards enables the player to optimize his playing decisions and get the mathematical edge over the house. Technically it is not illegal; however casinos, no wonder, frown upon such players.

The players using the counting of cards are likely blacklisted and banned from playing Black Jack in casinos as they share the list.

When caught, the players are usually asked to leave immediately (there was a tougher end for such a player in the movie Casino with Robert de Niro). Ben Affleck was ordered a taxi that took him to the hotel.

In 2001 Ben Affleck was said to play three $20,000 Black Jack hands at the same time and amassed chips worth of $800,000. A great performance!


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